Orlando, an act of terror and hate

953300e77d6db4d225c46bc69ca0a37a“ORLANDO, Fla. — Dozens of bodies were removed overnight Monday from a popular gay nightclub […] 50 people dead, including the gunman, and 53 wounded”. The news spreads out around the world. Another attack against gay people. Against freedom and democracy, in a country that is supposed to be free and democratic (but in where you can die every day, walking back home or entering a drugstore).
Orlando. Not just an American mass murderer, but a global one; something that crosses over national borders, reaching Europe and all the countries involved in the fight against the Islamic State.The author of this mass killing was a 29 year old Muslim boy, born in NY, whose parents were from Afghanistan and who had been investigated in the past for possible terrorist ties, even though the F.B.I. didn’t find any evidence.
After the Paris attack in 2015, this time – I thought reading the news – the violence of Islamic fundamentalism romps against gay community. In the meanwhile, on the West pride_guncontrolcoast, a man was found with weapons before L.A. Pride parade. But now, we know that the killer was gay too. And that probably he did not accept his homosexuality, because of society, because of his religion because of cultural causes in general.
Stories of terrorism, terror and hate in which homophobia still a cultural problem and in which the access to weapons shows the importance of Obama’s words on gun control.
The case of Orlando, together with the other mass shootings that happened during these last years in the U.S., would certainly impact the incoming presidential election and could be manipulated by the candidates, especially by Trump, as his Twitter profile and speech have already demonstrated. But the point is always this equation: more guns=more violence=more intolerance=more death. So please, it’s really time to regulate the use of weapons and to control (very strictly) the accessibility of guns to people. There is no other way.

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